Friday, March 12, 2010

Eating with people

I had a fun fat-poz eating experience yesterday. There's this coworker, SM, with whom I'm becoming friends. I'm really enjoying it. She's a sweetheart and I enjoy her - and she's one of the few people at my job who are relatively my own age. We haven't hung out outside of work yet, due mostly to the fact that she lives over an hour away and commutes here, and the fact that I've been moving and insanely busy. But we have lunch together sometimes.

Yesterday, I asked if she'd go and get us lunch because I had gotten it last time and I was really busy yesterday. She was willing, so we started trying to figure out what we wanted. I thought I might want a salad, but decided on a burger. Meanwhile, I had talked her into a salad for her! So she gets back with my "junk food" lunch of burger with all the fixin's and fried zucchini, while she's having a "virtuous" salad. (Yup, my good food/bad food stuff got triggered...) I said, truthfully, that the salad looked good but kind of small. That gave her permission to say that she'd considered getting a burger on the side, and she should have because this wasn't enough food.

So nice to hear someone else think like that, too. With women you're just getting to know, you're always wondering if they've got diet-brain, if she might be thinking this was enough food or secretly thinking I was a stereotype-fat-girl eating burgers and fries all the time, or whatever. But she was just like, "I'm gonna be hungry by 3 o'clock!" So nice to feel comfortable with her... this speaks well for my ability to be close friends with her. Yay!

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