Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blog-linky love

No time for a full post, but I want to direct attention to a couple of blogs I have really enjoyed today.

First, a relative newcomer to the FatOSphere: Samantha and her blog Horrible Food Ogre. Samantha is a longtime FatOSphere reader and commenter, new blogger as of last December... and I'm loving what she has to say. I SO. COMPLETELY. RELATE.

Next, a new-to-me (and if this post is any indication, new addition to my shortlist of faves) blog called This Woman's Work. The specific post that hooked me, and good: On Being Round. I love, love, LOVE stories of moms raising daughters who feel good, beautiful, proud in their round bodies. LOVE!

Finally, a perennial favorite of mine: Katja's blog, Family Feeding Dynamics. Katja is an MD who works primarily with children and feeding, influenced by the work of the great Ellyn Satter, but her advice applies to eaters of all ages.

(Incidentally, a post on Katja's blog led me to On Being Round, which led me to Samantha. Yay for interconnectedness!)

And now, off to my 7pm appointment that's an hour-plus in traffic away (and it's 5:45 - oops!)!!