Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Workout Experiment: Days 8-9

Day 8: Luckily it was a planned rest day, as I spent much of the day at the Urgent Care clinic with my fiance, who was eventually transported to the ER and is currently still in the hospital with pancreatitis. (He will be OK... sadly this is what happens when you have severe diabetes and don't take proper care of yourself.)

Day 9: Walked in the door from visiting V at the hospital about 8:30pm, set down the crap in my arms (including my dinner), and went straight to the elliptical. Probably I should've eaten first - especially since hadn't had much in the way of breakfast or lunch either. But I knew if I didn't do it right then while I was still in "go" mode, it wouldn't happen. So... 40ish seconds on Day 9 - check.

Calendar update: I found an adorable printable calendar that's suiting my needs so far. And you can't beat the price tag: FREE. (OK, technically a few cents of paper and ink.)

I was going to use the classic gold stars, but took note of commenter Jeanette's input and decided to use the sparkliest, most exciting stickers I had on hand. And let me tell you... it makes a difference. I get excited to place the next one! (I may or may not be an office supply slash sticker addict.) Not quite sure what I'm gonna do when I run out of amazing glittery cupcake stickers... excuse to buy more stickers, I guess!

Action Shot: December 2012
Here's a link to the free printable for 2012, in case you need December. And here's 2013.

Do stickers on a calendar motivate you? If not, what does?


  1. I'm still over here with my pom-poms. :D

    I love your stickers, they're so floofy! I'm glad they make you happy.

    1. Whee! Thanks, Neda. You know, jumping around with pom poms counts as joyful movement/exercise, too. Or even waving them vigorously, if you're a chair exercise person or just feel like moving your arms instead of your whole body. :)

      I actually looked at a cheerleading site to see about ordering hot pink & metallic gold pom poms, but it'd be a custom color and I'd have to order 100 or more! Maybe if this catches on... :)

    2. XD I more meant that I am cheering you on in your experiment here! It was metaphorical.


    3. I get it... I just think it'd be fun to actually have pom poms. :)

    4. I see what you are saying. :D

      Look, they come in zebra print!


  2. I once had great attendance at the gym in order to win a towel. I went on vacation and dropped out but for some reason the meaningless towel motivated me. I love stickers too.

    I have been thinking about "don't break the chain." I like the idea but not for exercise. I would find it helpful to try to quit smoking (I don't ) or to try to curb certain spending habits (I do have those.)

    1. JennyRose - isn't it amazing what will motivate us? I've noticed myself how hard my friends and/or I will work in apps and games for "points" that have absolutely no meaning except that one of us has more. (Example: Foursquare. I finally stopped using it, but for a while, being Foursquare "mayor" was really motivating. It means nothing. But there ya go - good marketing/psychology when they built the game.)