Saturday, January 7, 2017

Massage appointment

I have been in nearly excruciating back and neck pain since earlier this week. I even purchased a handheld percussion massager and while that helped a little, I still really wanted professional help. I was starting to feel desperate and started Yelping massage therapists. Stumbled on one that does in-home massage and that was a revelation: I wouldn't have to navigate an unfamiliar (likely inaccessible) location, or drive (which hurts), or wrestle my scooter. 
I did another search specifically for in-home massage.  In the process, I saw a lot of reviews for prenatal massage, which was sort of a light bulb -- if they can work with a pregnant belly, why not with my big belly? And there was mention of massage lying on one's side, another moment of discovery -- since facedown is untenable and on my back is uncomfortable. Eventually I found one with great reviews. Checked out the website and liked the look of it. Confirmed I'm in their service area. But above all, there was story after story about the owner, Riya, going above and beyond, being compassionate and intuitive, etc.
So...I filled out the request for massage" form on the website. I explained I was a person of size; I needed to know if they could accommodate my need to be on my side during the massage; that I have chronic pain and I was really hoping they could help me. I hoped it might work out but in my gut I really expected them not to have a table that would accommodate me, to be overtly unwilling to work with me, or to reveal subtle fat hate.
Instead, Riya, the owner, called me a couple hours after I sent my email left a message that her table is rated to 700 pounds, lying on my side is no problem, and she was reaching out to learn more about my situation so that she could determine what equipment to bring to best help me.
We played phone tag a couple times yesterday, then connected this evening and spoke for about 20 minutes. I explained I really think massage could help me but I've been reluctant because I am scared of therapists being disgusted by my body. I told her about my various health concerns and pains. She was compassionate and I got a good feeling from her. I really, really hope this is a beginning of a therapeutic relationship that makes a big difference for me. 


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