Friday, September 10, 2010

Ren Faire Post 3 of 3: The Pitch

So anyway... In case you are now wondering when you can come and see me frolicking wrapped in a big wool blanket of a gown in the hottest time of the year... playing in the dirt and hay with grubby costumed little ones... learning to spin and occasionally throwing the orifice hook across the yard in frustration... and generally being a crazy fool spending all my free time pretending to be in Renaissance England... that time begins 1 week from tomorrow!

Or, ya know, since it's not all about me... if you want to see shows, watch silly people do their darndest to entertain you in the street, shop at nifty jewelry booths/clothing shops/artisans, or get yourself a great big turkey leg and a fyne pint of ale... that's all happening, too!

AND... special this year, KIDS ARE FREE every weekend!

AND... returning for the second year: Celtic Rock concerts on Saturday nights, free with your ticket price. Come a little later in the day, enjoy the Faire for a few hours, and stay for a rocking concert! Sit in the bleachers or dance in the arena, if your feet have any life left in 'em.

AND... I would love to see you there - and am happy to share my participant discount with you. It's not huge ($5 or so off), but hey - that's an ale or a bite to eat! :)

For all the details, go to Let me know when you'll be coming, so we can coordinate!

Huzzah - it's Faire season - the 2nd best time of the year!

(I love Faire, but Christmas is better. I get 2 weeks off for Christmas!!)

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