Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1

I can't believe it's September First and I still haven't written about my first NAAFA Convention. Was it really nearly a month ago??

One cool thing - out of many - that came out of attending the Con is that I'll be contributing to the monthly NAAFA newsletter now and then... beginning with the October issue, in which I've been invited to share my experience "coming out as fat" at work as I talked with coworkers about why I was taking vacation (to go to NAAFA Con), and where I was going/what I'd be doing.

It's super busy right now - has been ever since I returned! - with the beginning of the school year, so I once again don't have time to write the full, luscious NAAFA Con recap I do still hope plan to write. I'm sending myself an email right now... to remind me to do this.

Talk to you soon!

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