Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Samosas for Breakfast: Intuitive Eating WIN

What to do with those two samosas you got the guy at the farmers' market to throw in for free with purchase of Monday's lunch? Eat them for breakfast on Wednesday, of course. Indian food for breakfast? I can hear some people's disbelief from here. But one of the things I keep reminding myself is that breakfast food is whatever you eat in the morning that gets you going and keeps you energized 'til lunch. It doesn't have to be American "breakfast food." Which is important, 'cause most of the time, most of that food doesn't appeal in the morning. It's too sweet (granola bars), too carb-y and not enough protein-y (bagel and cream cheese), too greasy (sausage), too "I don't know, I mostly just don't want it, and even if I did who has time to make it?" (full breakfast with eggs, toast, sausage/bacon).

Now, these "rules" may sound like they're fueled from a diet or good food/bad food place. But it just so happens that they're not... it's just how I feel. I don't usually desire sweet things in the morning. My body wants PROTEIN to get going. I love bagels and cream cheese, but if that's what I have for breakfast, I'm hungry by 10am! So I'm constantly struggling to find something to eat in the morning that a) is supremely easy - we're talking grab and go only! b) is high in protein and not particularly sweet, and c) feels like real food, not processed to death. (Finding something that fits both A and C is nigh-impossible!!) A lot of times, I go for the old toast with peanut butter routine. It's not grab and go, but I keep the makings in my desk drawer and make a quick run to the toaster at work! I have also sometimes enjoyed a plain turkey sandwich - bread, mayo, turkey only - although I find I only like this when someone else makes it. At least this month - darn moody tummy/eating brain.

But today, I had a breakfast that tasted great, totally appealed, and feels good sitting in my tummy right now. Remember those leftover samosas? 2 deep-fried pyramids of goodness, pastry filled with potatoes, peas, and spices (not hot spicy, just highly flavorful), dipped in tangy, somewhat-sweet mango chutney (and used to scoop up the big chunks of mango in said chutney)... who knew that was breakfast food? But it worked. And with a container of yogurt for protein, and the potatoes in the samosas for bulk and fullness, the whole thing made my tummy a happy camper! The only minor complaint is it was SO good and SO filling that I ate a little bit more than maybe I needed. Next time maybe 1 samosa instead of two!

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  1. Not bad at all.. I'm eating those for my breakfast now.