Sunday, January 23, 2011

31 Days of New Year's REVolution Challenges

I'm posting the 31 Days of REVolution because life has gotten hectic and I don't want people to go without if I have another conflict and miss a day like I did Friday and Saturday (bad Amanda! I feel so bad for letting people down...).  If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to the FB Event page (see link below!).

31 Days of REVolution Challenges

Join us in 31 HAES / New Year's REVolution Challenges for the month of January. Join the FB Event ( to keep up the excitement and stay informed on new developments!
  1. 1/1/2011 -- New Year’s REVolution kickoff day!
  2. Dance to the music you love best today!
  3. Count clouds instead of calories today!
  4. Tell someone they look beautiful or handsome today!
  5. Take the first step towards finding a fat-friendly physician today! (You could start with the Fat Friendly Health Professionals list at
  6. Today, think of one positive/loving thing about a part of your body which you usually dislike and/or ignore!  (For extra credit, I’ll share this insight with someone you can trust to appreciate it, or journal about it.)
  7. Move for the joy of it today!
  8. Let go of ideas about “good” and “bad” foods today, and simply eat what your body craves!
  9. Have a spa day today! Either go to a day spa to be pampered or make your own day spa at home with manicure, pedicure, hot bath, facial, etc.
  10. Stand and sit tall today! Hold your head high and show the world beautiful posture.
  11. Read a HAES-positive article today, such as Dr. Jon Robison's article, "10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Ease Concerns About Your Weight And Improve Your Health" (
  12. Today, try out a movement or exercise activity you haven’t done in a while!
  13. Have yourself over for dinner today! Make some wonderful food, light candles, put on a dressy outfit and some relaxing music, and really savor every bite.
  14. Put on some fabulous new shoes today (even if you’re just trying them on in the store)!
  15. Today, spend a few minutes alone, in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and notice the thoughts that pass through your mind. (For extra credit, speak an affirmation such as “I accept myself just as I am,” or “I am beautiful, good, and worthy” to your image!)
  16. Visit a fat acceptance, fat fashion, or body positive blog today!  (Find links to dozens of fabulous, fat-positive blogs on the 2011 New Year’s Revolution Resources page at
  17. Enjoy a meal with someone you care about today!
  18. Find a few minutes to play today!
  19. Today, weigh the merits of foods not only by how nutritious they are, but also how delicious!
  20. Pick up the phone today and make that medical or self-care appointment you keep meaning to schedule!
  21. Wear something that makes you feel sexy and delicious today!   
  22. Enjoy what you eat and eat what you enjoy today!
  23. Go for a walk or a hike and enjoy nature today!
  24. Go through your closet today, and get rid of everything that doesn't fit or doesn’t make you feel good when you wear it!
  25. Today, give loving attention to a part of your body which you rarely pamper!
  26. Borrow or buy a fat-positive book today! (Find tons of fabulous book suggestions, both fiction and non-fiction, at the 2011 New Year’s Revolution Resources page:
  27. Tune in to what your body feels like before, during, and after you move it today!
  28. Eat a nutritious and satisfying breakfast today!
  29. Write down five things you appreciate about your body today!
  30. Hug somebody today!
  31. Spend time today thinking or writing about how to continue your New Year’s Revolution through the rest of the year 2011!

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